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   په نړې والو ژورنالونو کې د نشر شوو علمي مقالو ليست  



ژورنال نوم

د مقالي عنوان

څېړونکې/ څېړونکو نوم





Research review international journal of multidisciplinary

Dietary fibers and their effects on health

ماستر مطيع الرحمن يوسفزي 

International journal of engineering sciences & research


Prevalence and associated features of anxiety and depression
in workers of Nangarhar public health hospital during covid-
19 outbreak

ماستر مطيع الرحمن يوسفزي، دوکتور محمد اسحاق صافي، دوکتور سيدراحت الله حيدري او ماستر شاه فيصل محبت 

Bioscience biotechnology research communications

Material and techniques for microencapsulation
of probiotics: literature based review

دوکتور محمد اسحاق صافي، پوهنيار سيدعطاءالحق بنوري او پوهندوي رضوان الله ممله وال