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The Faculty of Curative Medicine was established with the inauguration of SIHE on Reg.234 with the ministry of higher education.
The Curative Medicine of SIHE is consisted of 10 semesters. All the ten semesters are taught practically and theoretically, whereas the final 12 months are taught only practically.
Annually, two semesters are taught whereas, each semester is consisted of sixteen teaching weeks in six months.
After the completion of 12 semesters of Curative Medicine, the MD graduate student is given a diploma by SIHE, which is verified with the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan.

Vision Curative Medicine

The Curative Medicine of SIHE desires such an ultimate and perfect system, which can hand out well-qualified and talented youths to ety and country. SIHE prefers to product such proficient educators to the country, who are capable, skillful and are trained with national and international mindsets. The priority for SIHE is its national interests and religious instructions. Therefore, SIHE tries the best to guide its graduates to be defenders of the national interests and religious instructions in order to be the greatest aides of the war-torn country Afghanistan.

Mission Curative Medicine

Providing facilities for all those academic and professional people who are capable and furnishing ultra-modern instructive sessions, to ease medical services for the future generation. More and more, SIHE hopes and wants to hand out the society competent and experienced educators, which in one hand can serve the nation and in the other hand can compete and handle medical challenges.

The most important addresses for the spiritual strength of human societies are the scientific and academic foundations that, in their presence, we can enable the educational capacity of our youth energy to compete regionally and internationally.

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Chancellor of SIHE


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  • Duration of the Course is 3 hours

  • Files will be uploaded in our website

  • Different quizzes will be held on this course

  • Total Number of Students will be 235

  • Assessments can be submitted online

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