Three Departments of Curative Medicine Faculty

The faculty of Curative Medicine consists of three departments as below.

·       Basic Science Department

·       Para-Clinic Department

·       Clinic Department

Basic Science Department

The basic science department has got the following teaching subjects

·       Islamic Studies

·       English

·       Chemistry

·       Physics

·       Biology

·       Computer

·       Genetics

To teach these subjects and curriculum, this department has got 10 qualified lecturers permanently and 3 contract base lecturers.

All the included subjects of the basic science department are taught in three faculties (Curative Medicine, Stomatology, and Medical Technology)


The Para-Clinic Department

This department is one of the three departments of the curative medicine faculty and the below teaching subjects are taught by 16 professional lecturers in the mentioned department.

·       Anatomy

·       Physiology

·       Pharmacology

·       Histology

·       Pathology

·       Microbiology

·       Biochemistry

·       Parasitology

·       Biophysics

·       Embryology


The Clinic Department

The clinic department is one of the most important departments in the curative medicine faculty and is consisted of the following teaching subjects.

·       Public Health

·       Obs. & Gyn

·       Medical Ethics

·       Urology

·       Orthopedic

·       Pediatrics

·       Skin

·       Neurology

·       General Surgery

·       ENT

·       TB

·       Internal Medicine

·       Eye

·       Forensic Medicine

·       Psychiatry

·       Radiology

·       Neuro System

·       Anesthesia

·       Infectious Disease

·       Behavioral Science  

The above-mentioned subjects are being taught theoretically and practically by 35 well-qualified and professional lecturers.