At first, SIHE had only one faculty (curative medicine). After a year of the result of the quality evaluation of MOHE, it was granted the permission of two more faculties (Stomatology and Medical Technology).

In order to provide the best and standard education, SIHE has facilitated its students with professors, well-equipped classes and perfect educational environment. Likewise, every practical subject is provided with laboratory, well-organized library and smooth internet facility. The students of the three mentioned faculties are provided with an accomplished hospital for their practical sessions.

All the academic, administrative and students’ affairs of SIHE are organized and observed under the supervision of well-experienced and qualified staff.

Happily, SIHE has membership with some international organizations as well, such as UN, ECFMG and WHO. Thus, all the graduated students of SIHE are allowed to pursue their higher education (Master’s Degree, Internship and Specialization) in any countries of the world.