Research Center

Introduction to Spinghar Research Center, Spinghar Journal, and Students' Research

Spinghar Research Center

This research center, which is assisted by the department of research is established to be used for medical research and innovations. Besides the internal lecturers and students of SIHE, all the qualified external researchers can also conduct their medical research at Spinghar Research Center.

This professional and scientific research center is provided well-equipped and all the lecturers and students can practically conduct their research.  Besides that, when the research is successfully conducted, reports should be offered to the research department as soon as the research completes. Later on, the submitted reports will be shared with the top management.  

Spinghar Research Center is furnished with modern and applicable equipment that besides the lectures and students of the three faculties (Curative Medicine, Stomatology, and Medical Technology) all the capable and interested outsider researchers can hold research as well.  

Spinghar Medical Journal/Magazine

Spinghar Medical Journal is the scientific and research-based journal of the Spinghar Institute of Higher Education (SIHE). The journal will be published after authentic and consistent supervision semi-annually. In addition, the journal will highlight and issue much-needed and well-quality research articles, review articles, case reports, meta-analyses, and short explanations after the submission of a proposal to the accountable of the journal.

Students’ Research  

Research is the sixth criteria of quality assurance from the ministry of higher education and the basis of improvement in academia. Any academic and scientific institution, which is equipped with research areas is considered to be an accepted institution at the national and international levels.

For that reason, one of the academic institutions the Spinghar Institute of Higher Education strives to increase the capacity of its students in the research areas so they can conduct research and share its outcomes with the community through national and international journals.