Admission Process

Article 1: This procedure is prepared by taking into consideration the rules of the Spinghar Institute of Higher Education (SIHE) and the directorate of private higher instructions’ official newspaper.  This procedure that is mentioned in the third chapter twenty-fourth article of the official newspaper is prepared to coherent the activities and hire transparently. So, the hiring procedure, migration, and firing of eligible candidates will be done in the approved manner.

Article 2: The guidelines for partaking in the entry test (Kankor).

·      Having a graduation diploma from high school, which should be approved by the ministry of education.

·      Having a three-year transcript of high school should be approved by the directorate of education of the related province.

·      Filling out the form of Kankor, which must be approved by the directorate of education of the related province.

·      Possessing the participation card of Kankor on the day of the Kankor examination.

·      Foreign students must register and sign their documents inside and outside the country. After finalizing their registration, they will be allowed to take part in the Kankor examination.

·      Governmental employees’ ages should not be over 35 years. 

Article 3: After passing the entry test (Kankor) you are considered as a student of SIHE.

Article 4: Hiring of new students is done under the stated rules of the ministry of higher education and SIHE. The amount of new hiring students are prepared by the departments taking into consideration the facilities and capacity of the institution.

Article 4: The permission for conducting entry test (Kankor) is taken from the directorate of private universities of ministry of higher education.