Spinghar Momand Curative and Teaching Hospital (SMCTH), the teaching hospital of Spinghar Institute of Higher Education (SIHE), was established in 2007 and has been providing standard medical services. Having a well-equipped teaching hospital is required for a medical university therefore SMCTH is used for the practical sessions and house job of SIHE’s students. At present, this hospital is offering services in the general internal, general surgery, children, gynecology, dental, eye, ear, nose and trout, infectious, mental neurology, and bone departments, which have qualified doctors at the regional level. Modern medical equipment permits better diagnosis and reliable treatment of all kinds of diseases. Spinghar Momand Curative and Teaching Hospital has become a reliable and trustworthy hospital for people of the region.  SMCTH promises to undertake its potential and all the sources for the sake of better services and facilitate the students and citizens with high equality medical environment.