Quality Assurance


The quality assurance department of Spinghar Institute of Higher Education (SIHE) was created in 2016. This department comprises six members, providing various seminars to the teaching staff of SITE. This department is made of many documents related to every individual lecturer. At the begging of each semester, each lecturer is asked to submit his/her teaching plan, course policy, and individual activity plan to the department of quality assurance.

To advance the quality, two new permanent members were added to the department in 2017. One of them was chosen as the head of the clinic and para-clinic department and one as the head of the basic science department.

The quality assurance committee organizes two meetings monthly. At the beginning of each semester, it observes and controls all the activities and facilities provided to the students. Besides, it evaluates the progression of examinations as well.

Along with this, this committee provides forms and questionnaires, which ask about the student’s satisfaction and get their views regarding ongoing lessons, practical sessions, and other barriers and problems during the semester. Later on, these forms and questionnaires are observed by the related departments for the sake of a resolution.