Dean Message

Dears, first of all, let me thank and appreciate the top management of Spinghar Institute of Higher Education (SIHE) for providing opportunities up to a bachelor’s degree in the field of medical technology in the eastern zone of the country, which paves the way for the new generation to get their higher education in the mentioned field.

It is really proud that even after decades of war in the country still the youths choose the pen instead of the weapon and strive for the improvement and prosperity of the country. 

As getting an education is an Islamic responsibility, meanwhile, it is considered the key factor for the advancement of society. 

Sweetheart students, you are the most responsible individuals. Our society needs much effort to be accomplished so you are respectfully requested to work hard toward the betterment of the country so as to level out it with the world.

It is the students who will lead the community in the future. It is the student who will be offered as professional and academic cadres to society and they are the shining lights of the future.  

SIHE’s Medical Technology Faculty students have been eased with medical equipment, medical laboratories, medical research center, a computer lab, a library, security cameras, and classrooms that are equipped with LCD and projectors.

It is worth mentioning, that SIHE has provided its students and citizens with an accomplished curative and teaching hospital (Spinghar Momand Curative and Teaching Hospital), which is also applied for the practical session of SIHE’s students and it is furnished with modern medical and therapeutic equipment and services.

The honorable parents of the students, I really appreciate and honor the trust, which you have had in the Spinghar Institute of Higher Education. I ensure you that your trust will be secured and your youngsters will be trained professionally and proficiently.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Muhammad Jameel wasim

Dean of Medical Technology Faculty